Working as Data Scientist and DevOps Engineer – as a freelancer and part-time at AUSSDA.

In my work as a Data Scientist and DevOps Engineer, I use technologies, solutions and practices to make sharing and using of knowledge as easy as possible. For this I develop Open Source tools and services in Python to work with data from different sources (JSON, API’s, XHTML). Besides creating solutions, I also train others in my expertise.
Right now, I am part-time at AUSSDA – Austrian Social Science Data Archive as the lead-developer of pyDataverse. Besides that, I work as a freelance Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer and Trainer.
I work together mostly with research organizations, NGO’s and sustainable Startups, as my outcome should contribute to the common good.

Data Pipelines

Developing data pipelines and open source software – mostly in Python.

I use an open source stack and work a lot with open data (API’s, Metadata, Copyright). The core stack is Python, PostgreSQL, Git + GitHub, Linux, QGIS, Jenkins, Docker, but I am also used to C, R, JavaScript, AWS, etc.



Process, share, visualize and publish data on the web.

My tools of choice are Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux and Jenkins together with HTML5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript – from self-hosted to fully administrated.



Learn about the future of data.

Helping others to learn how to learn and experiencing the joy of knowledge in other people drives my work.

I have done courses about Data Science, Coding, Free Knowledge and Cartography – from tech-experts to coding-beginners.