Python Software Developer & DevOps Engineer – freelancer and at AUSSDA.

In my work as a Data Scientist and DevOps Engineer, I use technologies, solutions and practices to make sharing and using of knowledge as easy as possible. For this I develop Open Source tools and services in Python to work with data from different sources (JSON, API’s, XHTML). Besides creating solutions, I also train others in my expertise.
Right now, I am part-time at AUSSDA – Austrian Social Science Data Archive as the lead-developer of pyDataverse. Besides that, I work as a freelance Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer and Trainer.
I work together mostly with research organizations, NGO’s and sustainable Startups, as my outcome should contribute to the common good.

Python + Software Development

Developing Open Source software in Python

I develop tools to process, publish, share and use data for data science – the whole data pipeline. I am used to open source, open data and data science / ML. My core stack is based on Python and many other Open Source technologies such as PostgreSQL, Git, Linux, GDAL, R and JavaScript to name a few.



Agile web-applications

Designing and operating modern, tested, scalable and secure CI/CD pipelines. Tools used: Docker, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Python (pytest, Selenium), Prometheus, Matomo, Shell, Git and Linux. For development of own web-applications I use FastAPI, Flask and Django.


  • Designed, operated and maintained a CI/CD pipeline for Dataverse at AUSSDA.
  • Developed and implemented the technical roadmap for AUSSDA.
  • Developed Dataverse tests and test data for Dataverse.
  • Migrated data to Dataverse, from NESSTAR, DSpace and Dataverse.
  • Trainings

    Learn about the future of data.

    Helping others to learn how to learn and experiencing the joy of knowledge in other people drives my work.

    I have done courses about Data Science, Coding, Free Knowledge and Cartography – from tech-experts to coding-newbies.