Open Data Science

Collect, process, re-fine, analyze and publish data coming from networks, the web or spatial sources.

I use an open source stack and mostly work with open data. My domain expertise is mainly based in geography, computational social science, systems science and network science.

Advanced skills

  • Python: Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, networkX
  • Spatial: postgreSQL + postGIS + pgRouting, qgis
  • Open: copyright, file formats, open notebook science, open educational resources, open access, git + github
  • Datasets: OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, EUPMC
  • Methods: Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Cartography, Text Analysis, Data Processing

Basic skills

  • Tools: GRASS GIS, Flask, API’s, C/C++, R, LaTeX, Docker, JavaScript
  • Datasets: Landsat, Twitter, Wikidata
  • Methods: Agent-based modeling, Machine Learning, Text Data Mining, Game Theory, Remote Sensing, System Dynamics, Actor Network Theory, Data Visualization, Scientific Writing



Design and conduct trainings, workshops around topics like Open Science, Big Data, Open Data, Data Science, OpenStreetMap, Network Analysis and Text Data Mining.



Training manager at ContentMine and part of the EU Horizon 2020 Project FutureTDM. Developing and conducting trainings for content mining.

Open Science

Educate students and researchers on different aspects of open science.



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